Service & Solutions

We are one of the leading solution providers of engineering and construction services in Electrical, Instrumentation, and Communication systems.

We offer a variety of services associated with its products and systems. These are segregated in the following categories:

Fire & Gas

The scope involves supply, integration, retrofit, installation, testing, commissioning, and certification of all major brands of fire & gas systems.

Our services include a review of design and construction documents for all types of systems including manual fire, smoke & Heat etc. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in conducting site investigations and analysis of existing systems.

Automation & Controls

We do new installation and repair of engine room alarm monitoring, such as main engines & Aux engines Safety Alarms and Shutdown systems, Emergency shutdown systems, all Machinery Control systems etc., in addition, we are specialized in:-

  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Electrical Contracting & Maintenance
  • Tank level Alarm & Gauging system
  • Engine oil mist detection system
  • Machinery room oil mist detection system
  • Boiler automation
  • Incinerator controls
  • Valves control system
  • Crane control & Load Moment Indicator system
  • Power plant and desalination plantinstrumentation


We are equipped with a fully-fledged calibration laboratory we are capable of calibration Different kinds of measuring, controlling, testing, inspection tools & instrumentation

  • Personal & Portable Gas instruments
  • Gas analyzer & Detectors
  • Fire detection system
  • Pressure & Temp instruments
  • Electrical equipment and Panel meters
  • Flowmeters
  • Cargo Hoses
  • Valves
  • Torque wrenches
  • Dimensional instruments & Miscellaneous

Electrical & Instrumentation Systems

Three Lions Group prides itself in having professional experience in design engineering, procurement & construction in field of Electrical & Instrumentation Systems. Our experienced engineers are highly in design and integration of different types of Electrical & Instrumentation Systems in various industrial fields. 24/7 Feld service, System Trouble shooting, modification and maintenance of following:-

  • Generators Servicing & Testing
  • Main switch board service
  • Generator set synchronization & paralleling
  • Emergency generator auto starting andloading
  • Breaker servicing, calibration & testing
  • Power & lighting distribution boards
  • Various type of starters VFD’s, Soft Starters, MCC’s
  • Isolation transformers &Auto transformers
  • Circuit breaker injection test

Communication Systems

The scope involves supply, integration, retrofit, installation, testing and commissioning of all major brands of communication systems like

  • PA/GA systems
  • Telephone systems, speakers & microphones
  • Sound Reception
  • CCTV systems
  • LAN systems

Surveys and Monitoring

We carry out various types of Surveys and monitoring onsite. Our well experienced team are capable to handle the surveys such as

  • Noise Survey
  • Light Survey
  • Thermal Survey